Welcome to episode #8 of the KP Podcast where Keith Anderson and Pete Kamboukos talk about using short-term rentals as a real estate investment strategy. We discuss what it takes in terms of finding, financing, and managing them so they can help you have 2 houses with no mortgages!
Listen as Pete Kamboukos and Keith Anderson, Co-Owners of The KP Elite Team with EXP, talk about what’s causing the housing shortage that the real estate market is currently experiencing. Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, or a real estate professional...
Chuck Fazio is a real estate legend who was the first person to grow a mega brokerage to over 900 agents! In today’s episode, he talks with Pete Kamboukos about his beginnings in the business and shares advice for how others can achieve similar success. He also talks about the benefits of EXP and other interesting topics.
Welcome to Episode #1 of the KP Podcast. Listen as Pete & Keith make their predictions about what may or may not happen in real estate in 2021. Will the market crash? Will more Millennials become homeowners this year? How much will prices keep rising?
Welcome to the KP Podcast where we talk about the business of real estate, leveraging opportunities, growing your business, and experiencing financial freedom.